A Step Towards an Educated Population: No Matter How Mammoth The Task May Be

We live in a society where people see children as more hands to work than more mouths to feed.

Before immerse ourselves into the deeper understanding of the vicious cycle of poverty, illiteracy, Unemployment, We can clearly comprehend one fact.

Overpopulation leads to Illiteracy, Illiteracy leads to over population.

More population triggers a larger part of society into retaining their illiteracy as they are unable to afford proper education which they could have otherwise received, had they been seen as more than just a tool for short term monetary gain, or had they not been born out of negligence.
The larger part of the society that remains uneducated, the less are they expected to understand the need of a healthy, crisp and self-serving population.

India stands out as a country, for it is the largest democracy, Home to more than 1.2 billion people.
Controlling further expansion of this population may help in obtaining a quality population in the generations to come, But what is more essential is to train the existing minds through the simple but powerful tool of education to think, act and invent with a skilled and rational approach.
To educate the population that serve as a heavy burden that the country has to shoulder would transform them into a long term investment that would improve India in economic, socio-economic. Cultural and every varying aspect .
Educating is not the sole responsibility of the parent, when one can see that education would benefit not just any individual, but the community as a whole.

To have been lucky enough to be a part of the blessed section of the society, we carry with us the the candle of enlightenment that is capable of lighting up millions of lives without its own being affected in any adverse way.

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