Empowering Lives Through Education


Education is empowerment and the investment that is capable of producing the best returns. Education is the platform for launching into a promising future. Potential skills can be honed and transformed to abilities only through education.


And so, To be deprived  of education, is equivalent to facing close doors to the innumerable prospects that life has in store for us.


Education does not just guide a person to think righteously, But It makes the mind of the educated person susceptible to receiving knowledge and processing information gained from his surroundings.


Alberto Manguel had rightly said “An Illiterate and uneducated crowd is the easiest to rule.”

Not only is an illiterate deprived of the vital education that is crucial for survival in a competitive world like ours, It is illiteracy that us to be blamed for stagnating the development of our country.

Being uneducated turns potential human resource into a liability .

Illiteracy breeds diffidence and ignorance. Illiteracy cripples the rationality and logic of a person.

Everyone talks of the dire need and importance of an educated population for a country like India , whose roots have been plagued by vicious circle of illiteracy, overpopulation and corruption, But just a few take the initiative to actually act in the direction of improvement and enlightenment .


You may offer food to a man, but If you teach him how to hunt, You can make sure he never has to go hungry to bed in life.


Educating is not just noble task. It’s a responsibility that each one has to shoulder. If we’ve been blessed to be able to write and read, we have also been placed with the duty of passing on the knowledge . If we truly want to make a change, Nothing can hold us back.


To spread education is the stentorian cry of the hour and its we who have to heed this call.

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