PURSUING PERFECTION: Reforms to change the education system for a better future.


India has seen great minds in history  from Swami Vivekanand and Aryabhatta to Ratan Tata and Dr Abdul Kalam .No wonder we are a strength of billions and counting, yet there are only few delegates that gets worldwide recognition. Where the problem lies and how can we change it? The answer clearly  echoes in our mind that right changes are made, this country can produce thousands of Ratan  tatas every decade. Identifying the right issues and problems is essential to think upon a change and bring it in force.

Let’s talk about the issues and problems that are faced at the primary level of schooling. It has been TWO YEARS since right to education act was enforced. The report reveals that 95.2 percent of schools are not compliant with the complete set of RTE infrastructure indicators, and in 2009-10 only 4.8 percent of government schools had all infrastructure facilities stipulated under the RTE Act. Public schools don’t have proper class rooms for teaching or field for gym and physical education programs. Clearly the need of proper infrastructure has to be bucked up.

Coming to the secondary and high school level, one of the major issue is the curriculum and the way it is taught in India  From my own personal experience I can say that teaching methods that are practiced are not the best of the lot. There’s very less room given to the budding imagination and most of the student finds the classroom way of teaching intolerable. No hidden fact that Indian Education system actually follows rote learning concept and extra curriculars are given close to nil emphasis. Thence a student can’t actually search and nurture best of his abilities.

In India, college level of education is considered pretty good with a good deal of courses that are being offered. But in college education is not dispensed with issues and problems.  There are barriers to education practical training is provided and stress is laid on sheer academics. The exposure that students should face at this level is a very essential part of becoming more professional. Yet there are only few colleges and universities that actually follow it. Saying that there is also a need to shift the emphasis that is given to the cramming and mugging to the general ability to think and analyse things independently.

Stated above are only few of the issues that can be effectively dealt with to improve the overall miserable state of education in India, yet there are so many factors to consider first. India’s strength lies within its people. There are so many diverse cultures and people from different religions and each is having own characteristics. There is so much to learn from one another and empower each other so as to work for a common national goal. Well, it is relatively easy to say then to act and we still have long way to go.


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