An Indian Outlook

staying ahead is vital to survive (photo credit -get busy media)

staying ahead is vital to survive (photo credit -get busy media)

The other day while surfing net, I came across this complain by a gentleman “why do Indians have such an anxious mind set. Why are they jealous of each other?” I thought for a while , felt a little agitated , little offended but in the end realized that it was indeed true. The point is that the actual idea of this conditioning has nothing to do with our blood lines and descent.

India is notorious for its overpopulation. As a result there is a severe deficiency of resources and people tend to ache and yearn to live for once. This constraint to the resources and opportunities exasperate an average “Indian” individual to act in a way that is infamously known as “The Typical Indian Mentality”.  In our country, life is not as easy as it may be in some other part of the world. People here struggle constantly to fulfill even basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter, save the advanced possessions. Right from the birth, a child has to face this cut throat competition. Contention to get into a school in nursery. In class to stay on top so that one may get into a good engineering college. Emphasis is mainly given to the numbers on the report card rather than the actual learning. Next comes the placement scenario where the ratio is 100 candidates for 1 place. No wonder there will be jealousy.

India still is developing and some basic things are not “obvious” for possession. Electricity, water supply, roadways, these are only enjoyed by the “fortunate” lot here. Development is hard to come by and if it does, it has been already been savored by the masses. People thrive to live here but surviving is an ordeal. I have heard some Westerners are astonished by the ability of common middle class people here to afford servants. The reason behind this is that there is an abundance of labour here and too little job opportunities

People make choices depending on the options that are available to them. Why we don’t act in a civil manner and are sometimes discourteous and ungracious. Why can’t we form a proper queue at a bus stand waiting for an overcrowded bus or wait for our turn at a ticket counter. The main reason to that is if we’d try to do so, chances are that we won’t be able to board the bus at all. I’m sure people in any part of the world would act in such a way only given these conditions to live in.

In short, in order to live with ownership to all the necessities for survival, one needs to beat down the competition and rise to the top. Hence the blame is to be on these conditions rather than on genetics. Unfortunately, this competition only amends our psyche and results in such a behavior.


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