It’s TIME to shine…!!


Time (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “Do you value life? Then waste not time, for that is the stuff of which life is made.” No doubt, he made many impressions on history and we still remember him till date. There have been innumerable successful people in the past and present, that if we analyze their habits we will find that they paid immense importance to time. All of them had realized that the time once gone can never be brought back and that no one can tame time. So what did they do?

The answer is that each one of them respected time and utilized it to the best of their abilities. Looking around you will find that people who manage their time well are usually the ones who are ahead of you and have made significant achievements in their lives. They plan in advance, make a road map and then follow up with immense hard work to achieve their targets. A learning that you can imbibe in your daily life style is – “Start with the goal and then work back.” These words were said by Late Harold Geneen, the former CEO of ITT, who himself achieved great heights in his life.

Remember that life is beautiful but we just have a limited amount of time to live. We have to achieve amazing things in our life- because we all are capable of doing so. We have to spread immense happiness in the world- because all of us want to. We have to be the best- because we all can. To start with and achieve whatever you want, start respecting time. Grab the opportunity that you currently have and pour your heart and soul into the work you do. Each and every year, month, day, minute, second and moment that has past has brought us to the present moment. Just think about it and see how amazing and unique it is to be in the present moment. Live this moment. Make it memorable. Work hard. Work with your heart. If we start living and enjoying each moment in our life we will surely have an amazing life ahead.

Just to round it up I just want to mention that each and every person has to work hard in his life, you can do it now- which will seem tough but it is easy or you can do it later- then you will just grind and toil and work. So right now is the right time. Right now you can make your life easy for the future. Right now is the time to do it. Right now you can. Another stupendous quote which I keep telling myself all the time is- “Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons.” Nothing highlights the importance of time and present in a better way than this quote.

So just grab this present moment. Do something amazing. Do something that you will cherish for your life. The world is all yours.All the best…!!

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