What if…??


Failure (Photo credit: StormKatt)

Regrets are a part of our lives. All of us at some times in our lives have committed mistakes, took wrong paths, made bad decisions and what not..!! A reflection at our own lives always poses a question..WHAT IF ?? What if I did it that way? What if I had made a better decision?

These are questions which, if not wanted, are surely very very important for our future endeavours. These questions make us realize our mistakes and give us a better option for our future. First of all we need to acknowledge the fact that mistakes are a part of life. A very important thing that my mother told me was that “Mistakes are committed by only those who make an effort. Nobody is flawless.” This thing has always remained with me in my life. So if you have committed a mistake then give a pat on your back- At least you tried to do something rather than just sitting on the couch and day dreaming.

So look back at your lives, but don’t curse yourself for anything. Whatever has happened in the past has been a trail which we leave of our own actions. Our own efforts and pursuits have determined our past. It is we who have decided our past, it is we who have the control of our present and it is, yes absolutely, we who will create our future. So just sit down and glance down the long t railing paths that you have left behind. Pin point the mistakes you made. Don’t repent. Learn from them. Believe that it was you who committed the mistake and God has given you the power to correct it or even do better than you have ever imagined. If you have ever failed in a subject, don’t lose hope. You have to believe. Take it as a positive. Perhaps God wants you to get outstanding marks rather than just passing on the edge. You can certainly do far far better in the subject if you keep practicing. Acknowledge that the failure was due to your own lacking in a certain area. Reflect and pick it out. Polish that part of yours and the success will surely follow.

It is not merely a chance that many great people who have done amazing things in their fields were actually very poor at it earlier. Take example of Michael Jordan– rejected from a high school team, Albert Einstein– thought to be a mental handicap by parents, Steven Spielberg– rejected admission to the prestigious USC film school, Thomas Edison- failed 6,000 times before making the bulb. These are examples from history who have made success from failures. Thomas Alva Edison even said, “If I find 10,000 ways something won’t work, I haven’t failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.” A beautiful quote indeed.

A beautiful life lies ahead of you, the past should not hold you back. Unshackle yourself from regrets and make a greater future for yourself. The life is to be lived and enjoyed. Regrets should only be reminders for not repeating the mistakes again. So do something new, push yourself to greater limits, grab all the opportunities that come your way. Along the way to new achievements failures will come but you have to keep going…keep going and…keep going..!!


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