Happy HOLI…!!

Hello guys.. a very very happy HOLI to everyone..!! Hope you all have had an awesome day filled with colours, happiness and joy. While enjoying today a beautiful thought came to my mind. Perhaps the thought is really close to my heart and the cause of our foundation.

Today I wished for India and all it’s people to be coloured with immense happiness and satisfaction. It can happen only and only when we all collaborate and help those who are unwilling to see these beautiful colours in their lives. We all can together push the darkness out of these underprivileged children and shower colours on their dreams by giving them a gift of education.

We all here at BN Satnalika foundation strive to give students a wonderful and a colourful future. A future so vivid and joyful that it eradicates all the pains and hardships these children have faced till date. A wonderful opportunity lies in our hands to give these children a new life and a new direction where they all can fulfill their dreams and then inspire others. We all can at least grab the opportunity to educate a child and develop his talents so that he may learn to fly with his thoughts and imagination.

We believe that everyone deserves a wonderful future and it is our responsibility to share our happiness with others. So let us all come together and help these down trodden children whom we forget while we enjoy in our own colours of joy. Let us remember them and bring a smile on their faces. I am certain that all of you reading this post would agree with me and come forward to help in any way you can.

Again wishing you a wonderful HOLI. May this festival of colours give you immense success and make you capable enough to help others and spread happiness among those who really deserve it. Enjoy..!!

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