Self discipline – Trait of greatness

Practice Makes Progress

Practice Makes Progress (Photo credit: Mary_on_Flickr)

Yesterday while browsing through the internet I stumbled upon the “self discipline”. This word immediately caught my attention and I delved deeper into the topic. Through the course of quenching my thirst for this phenomenon of self discipline I encountered Brian Tracy, The Talent Code, Daniel Coyle and various other authors and books. It was indeed a revelation. Something I had always struggled with was right in front of my eyes. I could see in front of my eyes all the days where I had wandered without direction and uselessly wasted the days. There was a sense of self reflection which had engulfed me and I made a choice to change my life at that very moment.

Some of the things that gave me a real push were really heart touching and shook me to the core. One beautiful quote which I encountered among many was – “Successful people do what other’s don’t like to do.” This is so sooo true. In fact who in the world would like to wake up at five and start his day. Who in the world would like to sweat out exercising to keep himself in shape. Who would like to do uninteresting work with full dedication and effort? Indeed, these are all the things that a successful man does. He wakes up earlier than others, starts his work at the earliest and then finishes his day the last. These traits not only give you an edge among other normal persons but they certainly gradually push you  towards greatness.

Over the years it has been found that all the great persons have been so disciplined in life that they name self discipline for all their achievements. It is not merely a co-incidence that all successful persons are in fact the most disciplined ones too. A very famous researcher once found a 100  keys to be successful and wrote a book on it after his 20 years of research. At the end of the book, on the last page, he wrote that All The Keys Are Useless Without SELF DISCIPLINE. This shows the importance of discipline in our lives.

Another beautiful story that I read beautifully highlighted the importance of doing things daily. I was indeed surprised to see how easy it was to miss another day if you missed a single day of practice. If you miss a day then another, then another and then another missed day will follow. It truly tests our abilities and above all our character. The fact is that at the end of a long run everyone is tired but it is that moment when everyone else quits but you keep on going that truly distinguishes you from others.

A very important tool to inculcate self discipline among ourselves is to set our daily goals and then prioritize them accordingly. If you plan your day in advance then your sub-concious mind automatically starts working on it and you really do work on them. So planning your day in advance is the first step towards getting better in life. Another important part is practice, practice and more practice. It is very easy to say but difficult in execution. So just make subtle changes in your practice and make it fun and engaging. You will surely see the results of your hard work paying off in the future. It is rightly said that hard work never goes waste. So just give it a sincere shot and the miracles will unfold.

Reading and implementing the things I learned have already started giving their results. I believe that this trait of self discipline should be taught and inculcated into every child and adult of this country. If we can make a concious effort to implement self discipline in our lives we’ll surely see a greater ourself and a brighter India.


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