Hidden pearls of life

Burdened by the workload of our assignments, exams and all those notoriously heavy books, that seem to be omnipresent, most of us succumb to this monotonous life devoid of fun and enjoyment. But, like a flash in the dark, there are those who ‘live’ life to the fullest and yet seem to do everything so effortlessly. So, what is that makes them so joyfully efficient, emanating exuberance all around ?

The answer lies in those unnoticed and seemingly unimportant events in our lives that never seem to bother any of our brain cells at all. The events such as our daily meals at the dinner table, our ‘boring’ class lectures, a siesta in a cozy bed, all seem to be so ordinary but this is where the magic lies.

The magic lies not in recognizing something out of the world, but in appreciating the subtle pleasures of life. Just take a moment to think about those who never get a proper meal but crave for a bread to survive the day, those who want to study but never get a chance to do so, who live in ever so inhuman conditions but no one cares. Contrasting our lives with these can we truly understand how blessed we all are to have had a wonderful life full of money, food, gifts and luxuries. But still we seem to be unhappy.

Appreciating the importance of all these beautiful moments of thankfulness and gratitude, you will realize how beautiful everything seems and exuberance will illuminate your life. The hard work will then not be a burden but a chance to enrich and give back for all the gifts that we have received throughout the life. So just look around and I am sure you will also echo my feeling – “What a wonderful life it is..!!”. 


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