Looking through the window

Sometimes I sit alone in the corner of my room and look through the window. I see the world as it is, unfolding itself through this tiny window of my room. All the well painted features of this world coming out so vividly in their own unique nature.

I see the bright sun outside. Illuminating everything with its magnificent brilliance. All the entities in this world deriving its energy from this distant star. People walk around in haste, stopping only if they forgot something. Bags dangling from their weak shoulders as if burdened by immense sorrow and commitments. A myriad of people together running this huge world of ours. Their little efforts pumping the economy of our nation. And then on the far side I see children in a park. Carefree and full of joy, playing together with fellow urchins. They look so beautiful. So tender and mild, untouched by the atrocities of life. Their laughter shining through as brightly as the sun, or perhaps even brighter. A truly contrasting feature in the same frame of my room’s window. A picture constantly being altered by the whizzing cars and people running around. This scene continues for an eternity and I keep looking, noticing the small little changes in the frame. And then the sun drops down.

Broadening its horizon, a deep orange and a tired colour is spread all along the canvas. The machinery slowing coming to a halt. The activities coming to an end. The children starting to recede back to their homes. People still walking with bags on their tired shoulders but now the flow of the river reversed. I can see a sense of achievement on some faces and a deep agony on others. Their faces turning all the more shady with the sun dropping in the background. Slowly the streetlights begun to lighten up. The pheonix breathing its last before rising again the next morning. A lovely scene takes place in front of my eyes. The natural light being replaced by the man-made bulbs.

The night has finally fallen and the moon is out with its slight face showing through the corner of the window. I can notice the flickering of one particular bulb in the streets. A beautiful view. The ice-cream vans are out and the people are out for their walks after the dinner. Families laughing with each other. Children accompanying their parents. And then everyone disperses back into their dens. The ice-cream men gone. The bulb is still flickering. I get up slowly from the chair and close the window.

This is how we live our life. One day goes and another comes. Everything happening as usual. Nobody tries to escape this canvas painted by people around us. Everyone so busy with their own lives that there is hardly any time for others. But we have to be like the sun which shines ever so brightly. We have to spread the laughter and happiness amongst the children and people around us. We have to be the change bearers for a better world. Let us start today for a better tomorrow.

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