There are days in life when you feel frustrated. Frustrated at the state of affairs in general,  politics, personal relationships or whatever else that may come to mind. For us all it is a passive experience and we gradually move on to other chores of our daily life, submitting ourselves completely to the greater God himself. But there are certain things that always pinch you. There are these small little echoes arising from deep within your heart that you keep listening all the time. Sometimes you wonder what it is…and when you listen carefully you will surely get your answer.

For us here at this foundation this deep little voice echoing in our hearts is the one that tells us all to do something for the greater good of humanity, and what better way to do it than


Revolution! (Photo credit: Audaciousgloop)

by educating our future, our children. The sole aim of this organization is to create a better and a harmonic environment for the children who  are not so fortunate. So that they can be the masters of their own beautiful life. This venture aims at equipping these underprivileged children with humanitarian and intellectual values.

“Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life. Remember that fear always lurks behind perfectionism.” These words by David Burns aptly sum up what we need to do. We all need to pursue perfection in what we love rather than fearing about any kind of mishappening in the future. Here we all need to provide a helping hand to the weaker section of the society so that they can also do the same and then spread the knowledge around themselves. If we all come together and create a collective society then we can certainly bring about a great positive change in the society. So what do we need to do? Here are some points which can guide us through.

1) Be an achiever :  It is a fact that only those who are themselves learned and successful in life can give back to the society. Until and unless we ourselves are no good there is no point in us trying to give back to the society. There should always be an undying spirit of enthusiasm and focus to achieve our goals so that by looking at us they should also want to be at the same place as ours.

2) Be an active contributor to the society :  This perhaps is the most important factor that differentiates normal people from those who are special. Special are the ones who give. Who spread the light of knowledge on anyone who comes along their way. The one who can give to the society selflessly is the one who actually reaps the rewards of his success. The blessings and few good words from someone whom you have helped are far more valuable in life than large bank balances.

3) Engage others : We should always try to encourage people around us to engage in social activities. This way we can truly create a happy and a beautiful society around us where everyone is ready to lend a helping hand.

We here at this foundation certainly believe that we need a revolution. A revolution that would make us all equals. A revolution to create a society where no one is looked down upon. A revolution to create an environment where no one is denied his/her rights and opportunities for a brighter tomorrow. A truly global revolution. Let us all be a part of it. Join hands with us to educate these underprivileged children and make your contribution towards a better future.

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