Hard times teaches you a lot, good time may mislead you. So, it’s never too late to start but it’s always too early to give up….

Human has a natural tendency to fight for their rights and live life the way they may showcase their importance, but if the person is illiterate then he or she will be vigilant in their attitude because they do not receive that importance that they urge to receive. So, those people getting humiliated at their every step feels separated from their society, and does not anymore possess any kind of love and affection towards the people or the society, and hence they put on the violent attitude and gets desperate to receive attention and show their importance, these people are very much prone to get influenced by those causing terror. Hence, terrorist as we say are those who were influenced to do such horrendous activity would have been self-judgmental about their activity if they were educated. Strong education brings argue- mental attitude along with it because of self-believe about their own thinking and knowledge. So, education is required not only for the betterment of the child but also for the betterment of the society, the society should only ensure that every child receives proper education.

The family with low-income mostly face this kind of imbalance and barrier in their education, because of shortage of money they could either feed themselves or get educated. Because of lack of education they are also ignorant about the power of education. So, proper counseling is the foremost thing which they should be given, showing them the power of education and making them believe that lack of money should not be their concern, at the basic level “Right to Education” is a law passed by the government, so basic education is not their concern it’s the concern of the government, thereafter if they wishes to continue NGO like B N Satnalika is there to care for them. The idea which should be promoted is that what education can bring to their family if their child gets educated, they will be aware of their rights, and how to fight for their rights, and hence no longer being ignorant.

This kind of idea if properly advertised that we care for them, can prevent our society from being polluted any further. Every person has soft corner for their culture, their people, their nation, that idea should be imbibed, patriotism is a feeling which is very strong. Also getting educated is such a strong feeling, that it can spread awareness when they see their child getting educated it would be then be their urge to get educated too. Government has also developed policy and schemes for the development of the poor, but they do not receive because of the negligence of government officials, but if those people are educated enough they can claim what they should, which is their very own.   So, all in all it’s good for the nations own development, nations security, as well as for the awareness of our own countrymen.

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