Spreading the MAGIC

3.jpgWhenever a child is born it brings about a scent of magic in the air. The magic of happiness and joy around the corner. Whatever one thinks of in the family revolves around the child. From clothes to meetings to marriages, everything is decided with the child in the forefront. In short, everyone is awash with joy.

But things are not the same for every child in the world. There are the ones who are not so lucky. Not so fortunate enough that they can everything around. Everything that a child needs. Every little things that a child desires. Their lives are worn down by the bedridden financial status of their parents. Or maybe they are not even fortunate enough to call someone their Mom or Dad. Thinking about such a life is a terrifying thought in itself. Our all so imperfect lives start becoming so much more perfect and blessed in the perspective.

The fact is that we are the luckiest persons in the world. All of us. Blessed with a sound mind, body and more than enough money and time in life. We are the ones who can create magic in the lives of those who are not so fortunate.  The magic that would give them a life full of ambitions and a way to achieve them. Something that would light up their lives forever. A lamp of light which will burn forever. So what is this magic?

The magic is “Education”. Education is the thing that sets apart the achievers from the misfortunate ones. It brings in the never dying spirit of life into a person. Education makes one feel that yes no matter what there are ways to achieve your targets in life. It sets you free. Truly free from the shackles of grief and dejection. We can make this happen. Our single little effort can be like a mine of diamonds for the underpriveleged children. Together there are innumerable possibilities. Possibilities of setting the world ablaze with the fire of knowledge. A fire that eliminates all the evil in lives and brings about happiness and joy.

So in our own little way let us all join hands and make this world a better place. We are not asking you to go out of the way but a help in your own little way. With your help we can cross the highest of mountains. Join hands with us in spreading knowledge and reaching out to those whom we don’t see in our daily life. Those children who always remain hidden throughout their lives. Their true potential dying a silent death. Let us all give them a life that whenever they look back in life they proudly and happily say that “Yes, What A Wonderful Life It Is”.

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