Education directly proportional to development.

There are two educations. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live. – John Adams

Education is something you cannot do away with, something which cannot be ignored. Like in coal mine we find diamond, even that diamond needs to be cut properly to give it the sky-touching price, similarly talent which can even be found in the remotest places, may get vanished in the dark if not properly educated. So, that is the value of education, the volume of development it can bring along with it if we are successful in not wasting any of our talented child, just giving them the sufficient opportunity and a fair chance that is available with each one of us.

We call our country as” Incredible India”, but are we that incredible, do our brother and sisters getting the opportunity that they deserve or the value for the positive changes that they can bring towards this country if they were given the opportunity to educate, is it fair that only because of lack of fund, they are unable to take their education forward, Is it justice towards the term “Incredible India”? Is it justice towards the fact that we are one of the high ranked fast-paced developing countries?

B N SATNALIKA FOUNDATION is working towards that cause, to give justice to the underprivileged part of our society, so that they can take their education leap forward, and supporting them towards their education funding. Proper education will only showcase or reflect our urge that how we want to see our future generation. Is it enough if our child is education and the environment around is illiterate? No doubt, in this busy schedule and 24*7 work, people hardly find time to work towards this kind of noble cause, but has the urge to do their bit for the society, so that is why this NGO – non-profit organization come to work. They are there to do the hard work, just support and urge is the necessary equipment.


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