Cold Sunshine

Dream girl

Dream girl (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Few days back I woke up with a stirring headache. Stirring in the sense that I was totally in control but at the same time I was shaken inside by the vague memories of the dream that I had just experienced. The funny thing about dreams is that they are so real. Almost like reliving yourself in a different dimension. All the emotions come out so beautifully and with such scintillating effects that one is truly led to believe in the reality of this unreal world.

Recollecting those memories of the haziness in my dream I saw myself bundled up in a thin sheet of cloth in a dimly lit surrounding. Something that I have only seen in one of those movies that are full of dark scenes and horrifying stories. I was shivering in the cold, with the blanket giving up on its determination to protect me from the wrath of nature. Then suddenly there was a ray of sunshine. Sunshine that makes you so desperately want to go and absorb all the incoming warmth and joy that it brings along. It was beautiful with its radiance all around me but I was still there. In my blanket. The same ever old cold engulfing me, going deep inside my bones. I tried to reach out to the sunshine but it just wasn’t enough. I was ever so close but still far away. My spirit pushing me towards it but somehow there was this unknown chain that was binding me. Binding me in this cold where I was struggling to survive whereas there lay a beautiful and ever so glowing world of sunshine and happiness and warmth around me.

And then I woke up. With this stirring headache. I could still feel the chills. Desperately wanting to feel the warmth. The room seemed so dark and suspicious and most importantly, cold. I immediately switched on the heater and lay my hands before it. Such a relief. A sense of satisfaction that you have when you are holding your mother’s hand and walking in a crowded frenzy. That makes you feel no matter what I will be all right.

Pondering over my dream I began to think. Think of a world where it was not so unreal. Where it was really cold and there was brightness and warmth around. Is there such a parallel world ? A world full of fears and cold but with a beautiful future around. Yes indeed I thought this world did exist.

It was the world of those little children who have not been as fortunate as we have been. Those who have never tasted what good food tastes like. Those who have only seen others enjoying. Those who have never opened a book. Those who have never lived. Life itself is a cold and a hazy dream for them.

But I believe we can do something for them. We can be the heater that gives warmth in the cold. That brings about happiness and warmth around. A feeling that makes them believe. Believe that they too can be in this wonderful world full of unimaginable potential. Together we can give these children the warmth of education that would free them of the shackles of relentless cold and let them fly like a free bird.

Be the light for you are destined to bring warmth to someone’s life and wake him up from a cold dream.

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