Education is an essential concomitant of all human societies


education (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

“What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to soul”, says Addison Education is what places us in society. Its how people surrounding know one should be treated by one’s activities which can be created by amount of knowledge he or she has. Education is not just a matter of training the mind. Training makes for efficiency, but it does not bring about completeness. Knowledge and efficiency are necessary which brings up the education. No human being is able to survive without proper education. By means of education only one’s potential can be used to maximum extent.

Education tells men how to think, how to work properly and how to make decisions. Through education only one can make separate identities. It is the most important thing in life like our basic needs, food, clothes and shelter. Education makes your life. It chooses your faith. With it, we can do the most things of the things people less educated than us could do. Education isn’t something that comes from laziness or something anybody can buy whenever one would like, instead, we have to earn it. Education is the window to the knowledge and progress in the modern society. The percentage of illiterate population in the country is the lost opportunity of the increase in overall knowledge and progress in particular spheres of society life. Human brain is built in a way that it develops itself by absorbing new information and transferring it through internal perception tool in order to receive unique and reasonable outcome in the shape of thoughts, emotions, conclusions and feelings. With that picture in our mind, it becomes evident that we need learning. Education is the best way to make this learning process as efficient and effective for our individual needs as possible. Education is not just restricted to teaching a person the basic academics, but a much larger term. It is one of the most important factors which formulate the personality of a person. It is a productive and beneficial factor in a person’s life. “The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life”, Plato The training of a human mind is incomplete without education. Only because of education a person is able to receive information for external humanity to notify him with past and received essential information concerning present.

Education is mandatory for society. Man cannot be conceived merely in terms of his biological existence. Education brings into the social aspect of man. It teaches what man lives and struggles for. It cultivates an integrated life. Man becomes ‘man’ through education. He is what education makes him. “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself”, John Dewey Just as the face in the mirror is to the heart of a person, level of education reflects the status of a nation. The importance of education for the development of a country must not be underestimated because education is the tool which can alone inculcate national and cultural values and liberate people of false prejudice, ignorance and representations.

Education is the measure to secure employment. Diogenes felt that “Education is a controlling grace to the young, consolation to the old, wealth to the poor and ornament to the rich.” Without education, man is as though in a closed room and with education he finds himself in a room with all its windows open towards outside world.


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