“A look at the present Indian student community”


Questions? (Photo credit: Valerie Everett)

Students are the most important part of an education system because they are for whom the system works. A student is a learner, he explores the world everyday with something new and interesting coming his way, but are we letting our children develop their potential and enhance their learning capabilities. Let us have a look at this very important issue.

India is a country where we are taught to accept things as they are. It is an inherent and undoubtedly a permanent trait that we carry forward with us in our life throughout. It is true indeed that learning begins with questioning. A question is a statement in itself that shows that the mind is working on the problem presented to a person. It is a demand for clarification of doubts and an a spark of new ideas, but it is a truth that Indian classrooms are devoid of this quality of “questions”. Those who question the teaching are more often told to accept the thing and just learn it by heart, but what is the use of that learning which never puts even a single brain cell of a child to work. An active brain is always full of thoughts and ideas, so there have to be questions. If a student doesn’t question then over the years he/she develops into a meek personality and it is indeed an alarming sign to be in such a situation. Unfortunately we in India have landed in such a situation.

Indian classrooms have become just fact learning classes where the creativity in the child is slowly but surely dying a silent death. Students are afraid to question in fear of a backlash from a teacher. Our teachers are also not up to that level where they can answer the children’s queries and the education system has definitely not been tailored to follow the approach of classroom questioning. So we are developing a workforce devoid of new ideas and creative inputs. Questioning makes you look at the world differently, it shows a student’s level of understanding and his approach to a certain problem. Analyzing this a good teacher can guide a child through his problem thus making him understand the topic in a far better way.

What we need to concentrate here is that we need to encourage students to question. We have to develop an environment for them to explore themselves and feel free to question anything around them. For this we need qualified teachers and a guided parental support. Sometimes the questions which may seem stupid to us adults have very deep meanings in them, so we need to see the world from a student’s eye and work accordingly.

The students are future propellers of growth for a country and by curbing their questioning ability we are surely stopping their personality growth in a major way. So let us make a change together. Let us all question the beautiful creations of God and find the answers to the unknown. Questions are everywhere….just look around !


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