Our Vision


” promoting education…investing in humanity!! “

“Education is not just a preparation for life, it’s life in itself” .

These words from our chairman, Mr. Debi Prasad Satnalika, aptly sum up the importance of education in our life. We believe that education is the answer to all the problems that we are facing today and every day we strive to accomplish our mission of helping those who don’t have the means to fulfill their dream of being educated.

Baburam Nagarmal Satnalika Foundation is a non-profitable, non-governmental organization set up by Mr. Debi Prasad Satnalika and Mrs. Deepa Satnalika, understanding the increasing demand and significance of education in each and every sphere of life. We strongly believe that education is the right of each and every child. Our foundation provides financial help on monthly basis to bright under privileged children who have been deprived of their basic educational right. The idea of setting up this foundation was the brain child of Mrs. Satnalika deriving from her own life as a mother and a housemaker. Her grit and life experiences have always been a great strength for the foundation.

Based out of Raniganj, West Bengal we aim to reach out to whole of India and light up the lives of those who are currently living in the darkness. Our Managing Director, Mr. Niraj Satnalika has been pursuing his father’s dream of taking this foundation to greater heights so that we can help more and more children to see a brighter future. We are currently using social media to a great extent to make people aware of this noble cause. We believe that we need to take this message to a greater audience so that they can contribute in this nation building process. Any help that we get from any individual goes into the scholarships we provide to the needy students.

Children are our future and we firmly believe that education is the best gift we can give to them. We are eminently supported by VistaPrint(our print partner), HeySuccess(our promotion partner) and BigRock(our hosting partner) in our pursuit of spreading the light of knowledge in the world. Our aim is to create an educated and a wonderful tomorrow, and we are trying to make that happen with great support from our partners.

We know that our dream is big but it is our firm belief that with your support we can build a beautiful tomorrow for these children. We together can create an environment where there is unlimited growth and where there are no limitations, no boundaries. Together we can spread the light of knowledge and create a shining India. We urge you to support us in our cause in any way you can. Even a small little gesture of help towards any needy child would be a great help in achieving our goal.

At last we just want to convey a message that we are very lucky to lead such a beautiful life, but we should spend a little time and energy for those too who have not been so lucky. It is we who have to take up this initiative as we are the ones who can make a positive difference to our society. So let us together build a beautiful tomorrow by starting today.

Visit us at “www.bnsatnalikafoundation.com”

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